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Due to the impending cyclone arriving at the next weekend, we took the decision to harvest all of our flower, this means that there is no more flower.


Alphra Lavender grow a number of varieties of lavender for the commercial production of essential lavender oil.

Lavender oil products are well known as a natural way to help people maintain balance in their lives. Alphra Lavender has now evolved to become an exciting new company trading in the wellness industry, focusing on the use of lavender products to promote sound body care for all.

All lavender products are developed for export purposes, meaning that quality and value is of paramount importance. New product development and product research is carried out in association with an Australasian research laboratory. Our body-care range is produced in New Zealand by a specialist contract cosmetician company whose aseptic facility provides us with the productive capacity and quality assurance we require for our formulations.

We are pleased to receive visitors from many parts of the world, as we see this as a good opportunity to inter-relate with others in our ‘global village’, and share common values with them. Visitors can tour the lavender farm and have the opportunity to take wonderful photos of your friends and family.

As a plant, lavender has become a symbol of peace, cleanliness, purity, chastity, longevity, perseverance, relaxation, love and affection. Given the royal patronage this plant has enjoyed with European royalty over many centuries, we believe lavender can truly be considered the herb royalé. We are sure you will agree.




Opening Hours

February 01st 2018 to December 16th 2018
Open Weekends only – 10am to 5pm